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Learning to Fly…

Our Home Town

Molly isn’t the only one getting ready for our big trip later this month. Apart from my usual pile of camera gear, I wanted to be able to capture the beauty of this great country in a way that I have never been able to do previously… from the air.

So I have purchased a Phantom 4 Pro drone. It has been quite a learning curve. Apart from being able to operate the camera, just getting the thing airborne and learning how to fly safely and more importantly, land safely, has been an experience.

The World’s Longest Silt Jetty

I still have a ways to go but with each new flight I learn something about my drone and about flying, and hopefully by the time we take off (pun intended), I will be taking to the skies like a pro. Capturing the unique beauty that only Australia has to offer and sharing it with you all.

Red Bluff at Lake Tyers Beach

Meanwhile, whilst our van is getting built, Molly continues her training. I will update you shortly. And Jack is madly doing research and taking care of all the technical aspects of caravanning. I’m still counting down days and getting excited for the road ahead. Hope to see you out there.

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